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Water Systems

Nu Flow offers solutions to rehabilitate
service mains and potable water systems as well as whole-building water filtration


Mechanical Systems

Nu Flow offers epoxy lining solutions to 
restore a variety of fire suppression and HVAC systems.

Drain Systems

Nu Flow offers structural drain lining
solutions for a variety of systems including
vertical drain stacks, roof drains, storm
systems and sanitary drain pipes.


What We Do


Trenchless Pipe Lining

If you are looking for a pipe repair method that is more convenient, then ask us about our trenchless pipe lining services. Nu Flow Alaska is a specialist in trenchless pipe repairs, offering permanent relining solutions for underground waste and water pipes, damaged drainage infrastructure, trade waste pipes, and internal water networks. The most common method involves the application of a durable epoxy resin with a felt, flexible liner. Our CIPP solution leaves you with pipes that are solid, smooth, and ready to support full flow.


Pipe Repair

Give yourself one less thing to worry about when your pipes need repaired and give Nu Flow Alaska a call. We offer Permanent pipe repair solutions for drains, sewer, and internal water pipes. We repair smaller pipes as well as larger-scale commercial pipes with services that ensure proper pipe repair without compromising efficiency.


Potable Water Line Services

As part of our comprehensive range of potable water line services, our capable technicians utilize Nu Flow's structural lining process to repair aged, broken, or cracked pressurized pipelines that are often used as water mains, conduit piping, compressed air systems, HVAC systems, greywater systems, potable water systems, and fire suppression, in the most effective way possible.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Restore your sewer pipes without the need for heavy machinery, excavation, or multiple days of disruption with trenchless sewer repair. We use patented technologies that include Nu Line, Nu Drain, and Nu Tube to create highly durable, long-lasting interior pipe coatings within the existing commercial sewer line.


Drain Cleaning

Our technicians can help with any kind of clogged drain. Ones blocked by tree roots, pipe scale, debris, grease, and similar materials benefit from our thorough approach to drain cleaning. If you have a residential or commercial drain cleaning project, contact Nu Flow Alaska today.


We also specialize in:

Trenchless Pipe Lining 

    • Epoxy Pipe Lining

    • CIPP Lining 

    • Cast Iron Pipe Lining 

    • Drain Pipe Lining 

    • Sewer Pipe Lining 

  • Drain Cleaning 

    • Hydro Jetting 

  • Potable Water Line Services 

    • Potable Water Line Repair 

    • Potable Water Line Replacement

    • Potable Water Line Installation 

    • Damaged Potable Water Line 

  • Pipe Repair 

    • Emergency Pipe Repair

    • Pipe Restoration 

    • Pipe Rehabilitation 

    • Broken Pipe Repair 

    • Drain Pipe Repair 

    • Sewer Pipe Repair 

  • Trenchless Pipe Repair 

  • Trenchless Sewer Replacement 

  • In-Line Gas Rehabilitation

Contact Us Today

Take advantage of Nu Flow Alaska services and you'll get your money's worth and then some. We'll start your company off with an accurate assessment of your pipes. Call us or fill out the online form.

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