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One of the many ways Nu Flow Alaska serves our commercial clients in Alaska is by providing access to exclusive and patented Nu Flow technologies. The main products we use improve flow rates, strengthen newly lined pipes, and achieve longer-term results.


Nu Line

Our patented epoxy coating system is a coating material that allows our Nu Flow Alaska technicians to coat commercial pipes with diameters ranging from 1/2" to 12". Manufactured exclusively by Nu Flow, Nu Line's coating system is perfect for pinhole leaks and damage stemming from age-related wear or corrosion. Ask us about the Nu Line epoxy coating system and enjoy a wide range of unique and appealing benefits for your business needs:

  • Epoxy resin materials that typically meet or exceed industry/performance standards

  • An impressive 50-plus year lifespan for pipes that have been coated with Nu Flow's exclusive resins

  • Protection from future damage and damage related to heavy metal exposure

Nu Line epoxies are also budget-friendly, especially with long-term value potential. What's more, the Nu Line epoxy coating system minimizes downtime and water service disruptions. In addition, existing pipes can be spared and strengthened.


Nu Drain

This is the system we use for cured-in-place piping (CIPP) work. This product line includes a specially designed epoxy-coated liner that creates joint-free pipes within the existing pipe. Our Nu Drain system is ideal for:

  • Pipes damaged by blockages or leaks

  • Structural issues related to calcium accumulation

  • Pipes fractured from tree roots or other intrusions


Nu Tube

Powered by Gadmon Industries, Nu Tube is Nu Flow's inversion material product line. Products that are part of this line include resins that cure faster while still allowing for longer working times. This can be especially beneficial for more involved commercial pipe repairs.

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